Jess Tura time needed to walk using Google Maps

How much time is needed to travel from one place to another using Google Maps?

Sometimes you wanted to know how much time it takes to walk or travel by car from one place to another using Google Maps. In this tutorial, you will learn just that.

You should have the two places in mind before you proceed. We will refer to these two places as Point A and Point B. In this example, our Point A is ‘Wells International School On Nut Campus’, and our Point B is ‘BTS On Nut’. How much time it will take to walk from Wells On Nut to BTS On Nut? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Google Maps

Step 2: Search in the map your Point A

Use the Google Maps Search Box to locate your first place. Type the name of your Point A.

Most of the time, you do not need to type the whole name. While you are typing in the Search Box, Google Maps will display places that are similar to what you are typing. If you are typing your Point A with the correct spelling, Google Maps will list your place on the top of the suggested places. Once you see the place you are looking for, click it.

Check your Point A for in the map. Google Maps will put the red location mark so your eyes can easily see your Point A. Is it really the place you are looking for? If not, search again. Check your spelling of the place too.

Step 3: Click the Directions button

The Direction button is being pointed by the arrow in the image above.

Step 4: Click or tap the Reverse button

See to it that your Point A is in the first text box. The first text box should contain starting point which is your Point A. The second text box is your Point B, which is your destination.

After clicking the Reverse button, notice that your Point A is now in the first text box.

Step 5: Type and select your Point B

Type in the second text box your Point B, or your destination. Once again, please check your spelling. Once you see your Point B in the list, click it.

Step 6: Check the time and path

Google Maps will show which is the best path for you to take to walk from your Point A to Point B. It also shows how many minutes, approximately, it will take you to go from Wells International School On Nut to BTS On Nut.

If you want to know the other details on how to get from your Point A to Point B using other ways, click or tap the buttons on the top of the Search Box.

That’s it!

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